Career Oriented Programme

Spoken English Course Approved by UGC/BHU(Self Finance)

Certificate Course in Fashion Designing Approved by UGC/BHU

No. of seats and Fees

Certificate Course Seats Fees
Spoken English 20 Rs.4000/-
Fashion Designing 20 Rs.5000/-

Certificate and Diploma Courses in Spoken English - The Rationale

In this age of globalisation, the world is heading towards a universal citizenship. English language provides a common platform for communication to its universal citizens. As an Indian student is very much part of the global village, hence in order to communicate with his fellow citizens, English is his necessary requirement. However, India itself is a multilingual nation and spoken English serves as a major tool of connectivity among the fellow Indians, connecting South India to North India or East India to West India.
Since 2009, the college is running successfully a Certificate and Diploma course in Spoken English, recommended by UGC and approved by BHU.
The objective of the course:

  1. To increase the students’ practical knowledge and hereby, confidence, when communicating in actual situation.
  2. To improve the students’ understanding and ability to use aspects of pronunciation correctly.
  3. To enable the students’ to review some of the typical idiomatic language found in everyday speech and improve their understanding of it.
  4. To develop the students’ understanding of stressed and unstressed elements of pronunciation.
  5. To provide the students with practice in recognizing a range of functional language that can be used for different purposes in formal speaking situations.
  6. To enable the students to develop a range of vocabulary and improve grammar and pronunciation.

Certificate Course in Fashion Designing- The Rationale

One year Certificate course in Fashion Designing, approved by UGC, has been running in the College since September 2013. As Varanasi is the Centre of Weaving and Textile Designing, the course provides immense opportunities to students. The course enhances the natural creative skills of the students. The Fashion Designing course offers opportunity to become a fashion designer, fashion coordinator, fashion script writer etc. During the course they learn technical aspects like elements of design, pattern making & ornamentation.
The main objective of the course is to develop technical and professional competence and skill among students. Expertise in a concerned skill provides opportunities to students in industry and self-employment sector. Demand and scope for such professionally trained graduates is visible in the applied field of approved designing industries.
The syllabus was made as per UGC Guidelines. The course frame is of 20 credits. Each credit has 15 hours of workload out of which 8 credits are assigned to field work / practical.

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