2022-23 BA Social Sciences Language and Ancillary List

  • College News

    • 2022-23 Achievement

      2022-23 Achievement
      Three of our students got selected through campus placement drive ( BHU) . Dear students Warmest congratulations on your achievement! Wishing you eve..Read More
    • 2022-23 Admission FORMs

      2022-23 Admission FORMs
      1. /uploads/Admission Forms/FORM ADMISSION BA III Semester 2022-23.doc 2. /uploads/Admission Forms/FORM ADMISSION BA III Semester 2022-..Read More
    • 2022-23 Notice for Scholarship

      2022-23 Notice for Scholarship
      lwpuk lHkh Nk=kvksa ¼ch0,0 f}rh;] ch0,0 r`rh; rFkk ,e0,0 f}rh; o"kZ½ dks lwfpr fd;k tkrk gS fd egkfo|ky; }kjk iznÙk Nk=o`fÙk;ksa..Read More

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